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Sooo, the big question: why Jeff?
1)Beautiful baby blue eyes
2)I really don't wanna write this but a lot of clothes to keep the fingers busy!
3)Georgous smile!
4)The green hair turns me on!
5)Sexy voice (Mmmmmmmmm!)
6)Evil guy... Luv 'em!
7)Soft on the outside but raging devil on the in!
there's more to it than that but i don't wanna bore with my dreaming. Ya think i'm crazy, then how about i fell in luv with a Playstation game character... thing. His name was Abe, actually come to think of it... never mind. :)

Day dreaming...
i was the one who made the fan fic "Can imaginary friends love eachother" and Charmane was a real person. One of my closest friends actually, she does have blue hair and blue eyes but she was NOT an imaginary friend! I only put her in because she luvs Vince as well and was honored that i asked her if she would be in my fic. I would have put myself in cuz i have pink hair but she really wanted to. i made the site, she's in the fic! The idea of her and Vince kissing made me sick but i got over it, she let me be in the next fic, i end up with Vince and...ya know, stuff happens but i won't ruin it! Good news though, there'll only be Vince and the Charmane in there along with Lori. Look out for the next fic called Ocean of secrets, enjoy! :)
(Yes we're punk mobs but who gives?)

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