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I'm called pink_head cuz my hair is bright pink! I know it's crazy but, hey, that's me for ya! I love Vince and wanted a site i didn't have to pay for so i went in this direction. A big thanx to bigwolfoncampus.org 4 all the pix and thanx to me (though i say so myself) for recording the episode on to a webcam and posting it onto our site, and to some random person that i got the script off. Enjoy peeps and don't forget, visit the rest of my pages, sign the guest book, play the games and HAVE FUN!

About the history
It all started with one, well half an episode of Imaginary Fiend. I felt very sorry for the man who played this crazy and awful looking person, so i watched some more to see him suffer. As it got closer to where he wasn't so playful and wanted to kill his creator, he went all evil and i love bad guys! He didn't seem so crazy looking and wasn't so ugly and was actually really cute! I now worship him pretty much! I look at his pics EVERYDAY! I listen to his voice EVERYDAY! And look at all these websites dedicated to him, so i decided to make one. Love Vince!

Lots of other info!
If you want some comments about how people rated this episode, go to bigwolfoncampus.org and you'll find some sound clips there and where i got ALL my Vince pics from! Beetle654's site, dedicated to a lover of Vince (Er, okay, i don't mean THAT type of lover gees!)and last of all, actually there isn't a last of all! Oh well!

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