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Hi all Vince lovers!
Here you'll find all sorts of lovely Vince stuff! I have now added a media page to my site! If you go there and think "uhh?" cuz the stuffs not there then don't panic... i have to add them to the page! i haven't even got them on the site yet! Please be patient and not dis my site cuz of one lil hick_up! just wait! there's more than mentioned there. Also i will be adding a fan Chat room on the viewers order only. It's up to you guys to decide whether i should have it on my site. to let me know if i should or shouldn't have a chatroom on my site then please take my poll in the 'view my guestbook' page, the results will be redirected to my email so i can check. you can even add your own opinion about it. Well, seya's and enjoy my site (of course you will!)
C'mon peeps in nz! I don't want a power crisis becuase if ya don't save power, i won't be able to update my site! So save power and stay away from my site... you don't have to, i know my site is interesting. But you need to save power! Candles and fires should keep the light and warmth, so save now!!! Wellington is already down! Oh well, bye bye and remeber to visit my other pages, play the games, sign the guestbook and HAVE FUN!!!
Hello! Happy b-day to Alannah on Sunday 4th may 2003! Juliets b-day comin' up and please write something in the corkboard if any of you guys has a special occasion!
New email: pussy_foot69@hotmail.com and be on the look out for my new book Pussyfoot!!!

Some things that i mentioned aren't on yet so don't complain. I'm not Superman! CONTACT ME IF ANY PROBLEMS!!!

HEY THERE - there's going to be a new part to the site!! I'm going to add a media page! Here you can view the WHOLE episode of Imaginary fiend AND listen to some sound bites!!! If ya think that's all then you're wrong! For peeps who have hearing problems i'm going to add the script of that epi aswell! No need to cram the volume to hear what they're saying! Why not read what they're saying!! I will insert that page as soooon as possible!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

HELLOOOOOO!!! What do YOU want from the internet? Free games, free music videos, free DVD's, free animals, free gifts, free electronics or business cards, a free website, free computers, free mobile devices planted in your area or anything free? It doesn't have to be free, you can choose exsactly what you're looking for (please make it realistic) and I'll find it for you in a matter of minutes!!! E-mail me at pussy_foot69@hotmail.com and I'll tell you every way possible to get what YOU want from the internet!!! I can even redirect you to any warehouse that sells free second hand stuff!!! I've got what you're looking for peeps so email me now and i'll find what you like!!!